Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Aug 11

Aug 11 Gold: Chinese Transparency Is Here  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Aug 11 L@@K What is Signature Gold?  RoyalMintBullion   
Aug 11 What Kind of "Improvement" Does the Fed Want?  Peter Schiff 321gold   
Aug 11 Gold Holds Its Own Against These Media Darlings  USfunds   
Aug 11 People's Bank of China Freaks Out  WolfStreet   
Aug 11 California Gold [web] Announces completion of first tranche of PP...  CGM   
Aug 11 Economists Say Trump is Wrong  AE   
Aug 11 'Production Versus Plunder' Part 19: Life in the New Empire  TDB   
Aug 11 Behind Israel's Hysterical Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal  CounterPunch   
Aug 11 10 Glittering Facts About the Faberge Eggs  Listverse   

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