Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Aug 11

China strengthens hold over oil market as price maker
OPEC signals oil supply from rivals proving resilient to low prices
Iran says no US firm signaled interest in its oil projects yet
Shell ready to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic
Alaskan gov. eyes natural gas as climate solution
LNG exports underway from Gladstone
Bank of Israel Chief Calls for Changes to Natural Gas Framework
Canada-U.S. natural gas pipeline still shut
Two more Nigeria LNG cargoes bound for Spain
Carmichael mine's new hurdle: analysts predict India's coal imports zero by 2021
Just as global banks desert coal, can India ramp up the sector without foreign investment?
No breaks for coal miners from China, India imports: Russell
Nuclear power comes to a town in Hungary
China's Bid to Rescue Europe's Nuclear Industry
China is building the world's largest solar plant in the Gobi desert
Study finds price of wind energy in US at an all-time low, averaging under 2.5 cent/kWh
Solar energy giant headed by Co Antrim man set to invest millions in Ireland
Government to make 10% ethanol blending mandatory from next year
Crude oil rebounds along with U.S. gasoline, weaker dollar helps

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