Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Headlines in the News August 05, 2015

Office Depot picking up pace of store closures To Close 400 Stores By The End Of 2016
GE saves $3.3 billion with cuts to retirees' benefits
Some clear thinking about the price of gold
Hackers could mess with medical devices
Crashing: Apple, Twitter, Oil, Commodities, Greek Stocks, Chinese Stocks
China is Spending 11.6 Million Annual Incomes Per Day Propping Up Stocks
Hedge funds want Puerto Rico to close schools
Venezuelan Inflation Soars to 800%
Social Security Administration Overpaid $371.5 Million in Disability Benefits
Summer Solutions
Gas Prices Could Drop $1 From Last Year
$6 eggs could be coming: Analyst
Budget guru: The odds of a government shutdown just surged
Freddie Mac posts $4.2 billion second quarter profits
The Royal Bank of Scotland Sell Off Begins
Why the Government Hates Gold
Goldman Is Confused: If The Economy Is Recovering, Then How Is This Possible
Labor Department ruling broadens definition of 'employee'
Has Greece crisis created a two-speed Europe?
Deutsche Bank AG (USA) To Be Probed By Department Of Justice
Go-go economy becomes so-so economy: U.S. faces dimmer future absent big fixes
Blue Shield of California owes $82.8 million in Obamacare rebates
U.S. Economic Confidence Index Drops to -12 in July
RAY DALIO: 'If you donĂ¢€™t own gold, you know neither history nor economics'
USDollar/USDX Index

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