Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Aug 05

Oil rises for second day after U.S. inventories fall
Inside Shell's Extreme Plan to Drill for Oil in the Arctic
Nigeria's tanker ban underscores disarray in oil industry
Lifting the export ban on crude oil would be a boon to the US economy
Global LNG industry outlook report 2019 published by leading research firm
Natural gas supplier seeks assurances on pipeline access over LNG plants
Coal imports drop by 11 per cent to 19 million tonnes
Coal miners at risk of going out of nbusiness
Optimum Coal hits the wall
US met coal buyers talk up import possibilities in 2016
Nuclear-Deal: Indo-Japan pact lies at the heart of two US reactor-based projects
Deal to build UK nuclear plant should be finalised within weeks
French nuclear waste plan irks Germans near site
China Is Building The World's Largest Solar Power Plant – Larger Than The Size Of A City
First Solar Is Sold Out of Module Capacity for 2015 and Most of 2016
Siemens picks German port for new wind power plant
India's biggest solar power auction brings further drop in costs
GOP candidates should oppose ethanol subsidies
China's ethanol producers crushed by artifically high corn prices

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