Friday, June 12, 2015

Headlines in the News June 12, 2015

As currency dies, Zimbabweans will get $5 for 175 quadrillion local dollars
Interview on current events with Bix Weir
Students Will Have $3.5 Billion of Student Loan Debt Wiped Out & They Are Not Happy About It
Bird Flu Leads to Egg Shortage, Higher Prices
Fund Managers Dump Government Bonds, Rout Continues
This Map Details Whether Asset Forfeiture Laws in Your State Are Good or Awful
Simple, healthy, and affordable food.
Homemade Pickle Bill Among Dozens Signed Into Law
Rebel attack in Colombia leaves 300,000 in the dark
Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods
Time to buy gold and silver as central bank data finally shows inflation is coming
US Household Net Worth Hits New All-Time High
Banks annihilating 'zombie' foreclosures
Ben Bernanke's financial advice: Money isn't everything
Hanke: Greek banks are insolvent
Hacker Dumps Up to 23,000 Government Emails on the Dark Web
Proof That Raising The Minimum Wage Will Increase Unemployment
Gold In Different Currencies
America's big companies are sitting on a record $1.82 trillion in cash
Deutsche Bank?s new CEO Cryan seeks to steady nerves
When Existing Red Tape Is Not Enough??Obama Proposes $110 Billion In New Regulations
Court decision in legality of AIG bailout likely by end of June
Greece debt crisis: Tsipras's impossible position
IRS taking steps to combat taxpayers' identity theft
Trophies for Losers
Why Hackers Have Made Energy Industry a Favorite Target
Never before in the history of mankind, has so much been owed by so few to so many?..
Breaking from the Gold Standard Had Disastrous Consequences
45641762 Americans Were on Food Stamps in March ? That's More People Than Live in Canada
Debauchery Against Money
Expert?s Warning to America on Trade Deal: ?This Is a Real Problem. It?s Not a Hypothetical?
Is Deutsche Bank the next Lehman?
As Lake Mead Dries Up, Engineers Dig Deep For Water
Twitter?s C.E.O., Dick Costolo, Is to Resign
A View From The Latest Battlefield Where Gold Is Winning
USDollar/USDX Index

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