Friday, June 12, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Jun 12

Chevron Completes Its Largest Seismic Survey in Aussie Oil Hunt
North Sea oil company Trap Oil could run out of cash in July
PM inaugurates Pakistan's largest oil refinery in Hub
Canadian Oil-Sands Operations Resume After Forest-Fire-Related Outage
World oil demand is up, but the glut remains, IEA says
Global LNG trade rises 2.4% in 2014, partly offsets lower pipeline trade: BP
Iran Seeks $100 Billion for Gas as World Fixates on Nation's Oil
Petronas gives conditional approval to Canadian LNG project
Beijing turns to natural gas as a cost-effective coal replacement
EIA: Coal production would fall to 1980s levels under Clean Power Plan
Clean Coal Technologies Vital for Asia Pacific
South Korea Expected To Shut Down Oldest Nuclear Reactor Amid Safety Concerns
Nuclear safety fears as China to build atomic reactor in UK using imported parts
Solar Power Passes 1% Global Threshold
Japan is building huge solar power plants that float on water
China's Goldwind to build 32.5-MW S African wind farm
Abbott continues 'ugly' attack on wind turbines
Ethanol Groups Say EPA Proposal Crushing Industry Growth

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