Thursday, June 11, 2015

Headlines in the News June 11, 2015

Get ready for a 4,000-point Dow drop
Bond crash across the world as deflation trade goes horribly wrong
A Stock Market ‘Leading Indicator’ Is Tanking. But Why?
As Seen In Greece: “I Rushed To The Bank” And The Return Of ATM Lines?
The Warren Buffet Economyâ€"â€"Why Its Days Are Numbered (Part 1)
The War on Free Speech Accelerates: DoJ Subpoenas Over Comment Section
Cheap, synthetic ‘flakka’ dethroning cocaine on Florida drug scene
Sighting of boy with realistic fake gun prompts call to amend sale laws
Hospital drug pump can be hacked to overdose you
The Water Terrorcrats Have Crossed My Line â€" Here’s What I Am Doing About It
World Bank warns emerging economies to 'fasten seatbelts'World Bank warns emerging economies to 'fasten seatbelts'
Many local police already got banned military gear
Student-Loan Refinancing Boom Could Cost U.S. Taxpayers Billions
Americans “Looted” Nazi Gold - Reminder of Gold’s Role in Times of Crisis
Is the middle class vanishing?
Despite billions spent, US federal agencies struggle with cybersecurity
$15-an-hour minimum wage passed in LA
Marijuana Legalization: Bill Clinton And Tom Vilsack Note High Value of Weed As Cash Crop
American killed fighting against ISIS in Syria
S&P just downgraded Greece
Alan Greenspan: US real estate is stagnating
Iconic gunmaker Colt is on the brink of bankruptcy
Citigroup sees a looming $4.8 trillion credit traffic jam
Harry Reid warns: 'We're headed for another shutdown'
Obama orders deployment of up to 450 more US troops to Iraq
Fast Food Chains Bring Back Characters
Why Americans are getting new credit cards - Now equipped with computer chips
Get ready for a 4,000-point Dow drop
Gold Bashers - Just For You
Corporate execs expect fatter paychecks for workers
Economy Laboring With Strong Job Demand
There’s no such thing as “money velocity”
Gregory Mannarino-The Bull Market is Over
Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak 2015: Contaminated Ice Cream Still Poses Danger, CDC Warns After Finishing Investigation
USDollar/USDX Index

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