Thursday, June 11, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Jun 11

Iran learning to cope with low oil sales
Saudi Aramco says no cut in oil exports despite local demand
North Sea oil profit slump threatens projects
US becomes world's biggest oil producer in 2014, surpasses Saudi Arabia
Will Russia Start Reselling Iranian Oil?
US exports of LNG to impact global prices: speakers
Northwest Gas Association's 2015 Natural Gas Outlook Projects Moderate Growth, Explores Accelerated Demand Scenarios
Natural Gas Ends at Nearly Three-Week High
Clean Power Plan Could Lead to Tumbling Coal Output Say EIA
UK thermal coal imports continue to slow, 8-month low in April
South Australia to lose coal generators, can it shoot for 100% renewables?
Indonesia's biggest coal port inaugurated at Tarahan
UK firm wins Fukushima nuclear contract
South Korea needs new facility for spent nuclear fuel: advisory group
Global solar installations projected to reach 540GW in 2019
Hawaii enacts nation's first 100% renewable energy requirement
ntersolar Europe: India can take manufacturing center stage, says Vikram Solar CEO
MHI Vestas Picked as Preferred Wind Turbines Supplier for German Wind Power Project
Howls of Execration for EPA Ethanol Rules
Ethanol and Butanol: Symbiotic Partners for a Modern Fuel

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