Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 16

Switzerland Prepares Army for Euro Zone Fallout
Doctor Sums Up Obamacare In One Sentence
The Real Fiscal Cliff Is Much Bigger Than You Think, Warns Peter Schiff
Euro Divides, "Violent Revolution" May Loom
Marc Faber:  Market Setting Up For "Serious Setback"
Stagflation Warning: When You Look At What Happened In The First Half Of The 1970s, The Similarity Between Then And Now Is Frightening
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

Romney is shocked to learn how the Fed creates money
Ryan and Romney's Secret Plan to Cut the Deficit รข€"

U.S. warship, nuclear submarine

The Great Demographic Revolution and Depopulation

Iran Threatens Oil Spill in Persian Gulf
New Study Shows that Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago
Saudi Aramco to Spend $35 Billion

The Sagging Obama Campaign
Big Labor Is Going For Broke in Michigan
The Constancy of Crony Capitalism
Greece Used to Be an Economic Miracle,

21 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis

Greece Is Not Poor -

Obama, Romney look to channel Bill Clinton in next debate
Clinton: 'I take responsibility' for events in Libya
Administration weighing military strike

LIBOR Rates.
China's economic power
The Final Word on Mitt Romney's Tax Plan
A Terrifying Threat Obama & Romney Aren't Talking About
Dudley Says Fed Won't Make 'Hasty' Exit From Stimulus
Fed's Bullard Says 3.5% 2013 Growth Will Cut Unemployment
Soros Says China Growth Slowing on Consumption Share Drop
Gold Set to Gain for First Day in Three

Treasuries Show Inflation Expectations Are Above Average
Skilled-Worker Shortage Is Exaggerated, Says Study
Kudlow: White House Getting Desperate About Libya?
Fears Over US Mortgages Dominance
If Gold Breaches $1,800 a Huge Rally Coming
Imran Khan says Taliban's 'holy war'

Greece admits €13.5bn in cuts

Syrian crisis: Iran asked to help secure ceasefire
Brotherhood head calls for 'jihad' to liberate J'lem
Eurozone Stuck in Limbo Between Peace, War
Oakland County Clerk Candidate Lisa Brown Needs To Denounce Alleged Doc Fraud Surrounding Her Brother's Foreclosure Mill
Study shows $1.2 trillion gap for public pensions
Alert: Highly Sophisticated Large-scale Cyberheist Targets Customer Funds At Major US Banks
The origins of our current woes -

Krugman: 'Ugly Reality'

Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline
Obama's Task Tuesday Night
Sprint's $20 Billion Deal Could Mean Lower Rates for All

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