Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Oct 16

Asian consumption will stabilise oil market over next 5 yrs - Kuwaiti oil
India's emergency oil stock storages face delay
Saudi Aramco To Spend $35bn On Oil Supply Cushion To 2017
UPDATE 1-China buys Europe oil storage in Mercuria venture
Exporting a little oil to Canada doesn't change U.S. strategy
Why Indian firms are so high on shale gas
Iran to outperform Qatar in gas production at South Pars
Australia may become world's top LNG producer by Y 2017
New mega power project bids need to factor in global coal prices
Euro Coal-Prices fall to fresh lows, seen dropping more
The coal industry would be in decline even without Obama's policies
France looks set to cement nuke ties with China
UAE details nuclear plant liability law
Germany's push to end nuclear power comes with a hefty utility bill
Enough wind to power global energy demand
How to Double the Power of Solar Panels
BP exits solar business in China
Gasoline prices' slow descent fits a familiar pattern

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