Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 17

Persian Gulf Incident Could Heat Up Crude Prices
GOP Scuttles Law-of-Sea Treaty
Assad receives last warning

Let Unsound Money Wither Away
When bankers get nervous, watch out
Exposure of Banker Corruption
600,000 federal workers at risk if sequester goes through
FOIA docs reveal Treasury officials

Libor Lie â€" A Black Swan?
LIBOR Rates.
Gold Climbs As U.S. Retail Data

'Lost Generation' of Homeowners May Just Be on Hold
Dollar Weak Before Bernanke Senate Testimony
Signs We Are Approaching a Zombie Economy
Gold looks bullish, to reach $1,840/oz

Gold to focus on possibility

'Gold to hit $2000/oz in a year'
Gold to play along physical markets soon: Barclays
Are PCs Going Extinct?
U.S. Economy Appears Weaker as Retail Sales Slump
Can Eminent Domain Save the Housing Market?
The Trillion-Dollar Question
What We Really Need to Be Asking About JPMorgan
Clouds gather over money market funds
Barclays boss told me to change Libor, says banker
Former Barclays executive insists

San Bernardino County's Loan Seizures Would Destroy Its Mortgage Market Just as Housing Starts to Recover
HSBC faces grilling over US money laundering
Libor: They all knew â€" and no one acted
Bankrupt Hawker Beechcraft seeks court OK

Q&A: What the LIBOR scandal might mean

Britain's Intelligence Chief Warns

NY, Conn. probing banks over Libor manipulation
Geithner yawned at epic fraud
Goldman Sachs and the $580 Million Black Hole
Into Syria without Arms
Libor scandal riles Calpers chief investment officer
Wall Street falls, bond yields near record lows
Spain debt costs to stay high in wake of austerity plan
Syria refusing visas for Western aid workers: U.N.
Many more homeowners

Foreclosure review program befuddles borrowers
Property tax first-quarter revenue down, seen sliding more
The New Artisan Economy
World economy heads for another perfect storm
Moody's downgrades 13 Italian banks
Europe 2012â€"The Revival of the Nazi Vision
Shame on the News: Pols Get to Edit Their Quotations
AP Survey: High US Unemployment to Persist Well Into Next Presidential Term
Senate report criticizes HSBC for money laundering,

Curiosity piqued for Mars landing
Gerald Celente Interview:  War With Iran Will Be Beginning of WWIII
Amibroker - 3D US Yield Curve Trip
Barclays just the first of many: finance expert
Paul Craig Roberts on Bob Chapmans prediction

Will the ILLUMINATI BOMB the London 2012 Olympics -

Eliot Spitzer - LIBOR Mega scandal (total corruption)
Jamie Dimon Questions Ben Bernanke on New Bank Rules
Criminal Inquiry Shifts To JPMorgan's

Epic Santelli Rant On 'Un-American'

US Treasury Curve 1990-2012 In Its Full 3-D Glory: Redux

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