Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 18

China plan to expand eastern oil reserve storage delayed by 2 years
Angolan oil exports to sink to 15-month low
Myanmar Invites Foreign Energy Firms to Explore 23 Offshore Oil, Gas Blocks
Shell faces $5 billion fine over Nigeria Bonga oil spill
25 Million Light Duty Natural Gas Vehicles Will Be On Roads Worldwide by 2019, Forecasts Pike Research
Australia's Leyshon eyes unconventional gas buy in China's Ordos Basin
Mozambique gas finds a boon for PetroSA
Mongolia new rulers may put world richest coal deposit beyond reach
Chinese, Nigerian firms plan N624bn coal power plant in Benue
Thermal coal prices hit their lowest levels in two years
Nigeria to attain 4000mw from nuclear power plants by 2030
Russia delivers uranium to US nuclear power plants
Brazil Angra 3 Nuclear Plant Startup Date Pushed to 2016
Europe H1 offshore wind capacity connections rise by 523.2 MW: EWEA
Siemens drive technologies supports world's largest concentrating solar power plant
Europe needs targets to compete on advanced biofuels, says BP chief

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