Monday, July 2, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 02

12 Incredible Obamacare Quotes

Don't Expect the Obamacare Ruling to Calm the Markets
Jim Rogers: Market Surge

Cooking the Books, Not the Big Macs, in Argentina & Greece
Legal Gimmickry Rescues Obama
The $289 Trillion Problem
Merkel Concedes to the PIGS

17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned

John Roberts jokes about vacationing

Sources say Roberts switched vote in healthcare case
Despite high court ruling,

Boehner pushes repeal,

McConnell: Covering 30 Million Uninsured Is 'Not The Issue'
Why Big Business Owns Congress
Government by the Banks, for the Banks:

Justice Roberts' Switch
Risk of foreclosure looms over 700,000 Californians
Iraqi women face court-ordered virginity tests
Salafi leader: Brotherhood agrees Sharia,

Massive Japanese Debt Monetization Is Coming,

Obama Versus the Hedge Fund Industry
Welcome to the Currency War, Part 2:

Iran says country will 'confront' new EU oil sanctions
The financial benefits of food stamps – Record $78 billion worth of food stamps issued in 2011
Understanding the New Healthcare Law
Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare

Can The World Survive Washington's Hubris?
Iran threatens Israel; new EU sanctions take force
Stockton, California new paradigm for struggling cities
Support for Obama healthcare law rises after ruling
Mormons quit church in mass resignation ceremony
Simon Johnson Rips Into Jamie Dimon's Conflicts of Interest
Russian Rocket Downed Turkish Plane, Say Sources
TruNews interviews 'Lee Hazledean'
Keystone XL pipeline expansion

Supreme Court forces states

Adobe: No Flash for You, Android 4.1
Jamie Dimon, quit your New York Fed post: Simon Johnson
Is The Olympics The Next 9/11?

Syrian Opposition Rejects UN Transition Plan
Keiser Report: Zombie Bank Apocalypse (E307)
June 27 2012 Floor Speech on Syria
Sicko: Michael Moore Reacts

Keiser Report: Barclays' Bad Bet (E308)
World Leaders Agree on Syria Transition Plan
Will Geneva Talks Help Solve Syrian Crisis?
Gerald Celente - The Gary Null Show - June 27, 2012
Euro zone: the centralization battle

Steve Quayle "Fukushima,

Community Banks take on Wall Street

Turkey Scrambles F-16s On Syria Border

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