Monday, July 2, 2012

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 02

Angola plans oil bidding round next year: FT
Iraq oil revenues lowest since February 2011
Nigeria favours local firms in $60 bln oil deals
Russia's Bashneft wins contract to explore for oil in southern Iraq, official says
The time has come for natural gas
Iran gas flow disrupted due to leakage in pipeline - Turkey
US sold 721 million tons coal lease cheaper than dirt - Report
India's Adani aims to start digging Australia mine in 2013
Japan restarts nuclear reactor as protests mount
EDF Energy restarts UK Heysham 1-2 nuclear unit
Experts discuss MENA-EU solar energy super-grid
Japan opens solar energy parks
China Spends Big Bucks On Solar Energy Investment In Chile
Iran to boost gasoline output by one million BPD

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