Friday, September 9, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 09

Bill to Raise Flood Premiums Moves to Senate
G-7 Faces Three-Front Battle Against Contagion
A Zombie Economy Following Unfaithful Shepherds
Why There's No Employment Growth in America's Profit Centers
15 Examples Of How "The Little Guy"
Top of Chinese wealthy's wish list? To leave China
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - This Trade Is Bananas
The Start of an Energy Storage Breakthrough
Fed Prepares to Act
Obama's Bid to Spur Growth
Sunoco to Quit Oil Refining Business
Report Paints a Gloomy Picture on Growth
U.S. Sees 'Credible' 9/11 Terror Threat
Are We Safer Today?
Doug Casey on the Continuance of the Greater Depression and the Brighter Prospects for Gold
A Time Of Dangerous Markets And Contrived Corrections
More Beijing embassy cables show
Why Policy Advice Is Futile And What You Should Do Instead
The Death of Liquidity
Silver's Liquidity Risk
Bernanke: Fed to help restore strong growth
Assurance against invasion, war doesn't include Taiwan: China
Gold nearing important technical chart support levels
Gold rebounds after overnight dips
Is China accumulating gold reserves?
Kazakhstan’s strategic gold stockpiling plan to start next year
Millions of Americans Living in Long-Stay Motels
Gaddafi issues defiant message from hiding
Barack Obama unveils $447bn jobs plan
FBI investigates 9/11 anniversary terror threat
Fed Pushes State Solutions for Unemployed Homeowners
Stock Market Crash 1929, Mystery Unraveled?
Here comes Lehman 2.0
U.S. stocks’ losses intensify after Bernanke
SDG&E: "Power Out Into the Night"
The US Jobs Crisis Worsens
What is Value in This Crazy World?
10 Things Social Security Won't Tell You
The True Costs of 9/11 For Travelers
9/11: How Osama bin Laden
Zoellick Warns of New Danger for Global Economy
US needs a deficit-reduction plan or risk long-term economic damage, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke warns
Germany pushes Greece to the brink in dangerous brinkmanship
Google gives HTC patents so it can sue Apple
Fourth Circuit Denies ObamaCare Challenges
Obama's Job Plan: Mostly More of the Same
Obama's Reported Mortgage Refinancing 'Stimulus' Won't Help
Europe Stocks in Big Monday Drop
US Postal Service Near Default
Why Wait for Google? Use Encrypted Search Today
The Death Star: A Pentagon Purchasing Nightmare
Google Buys Zagat to Reinvent Mobile Search Engine
Goldman Head Gold Trader Speculates
Senate Attempt To Block Debt Ceiling Increase Fails:

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