Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 08

HMRC's Swiss deal:
Tax amnesties turn HMRC into
Oil Tumbles on Fears of Economic Slump
Service Firms Grew at Slightly Faster Pace
Stocks Fall Again as Europe's Debt Worries Deepen
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -
Obama Blinks
Bank of America's shakeup signals more layoffs
Social Security pays millions to dead people
All Work and No Pay: The Great Speed-up
Mounting Pressure on Assad
The bear raises hackles... Syria: 'hook' in the jaw
Fed's Williams: Stalling Out,
Why the Stimulus Failed
There's No Such Thing as 'Crony Capitalism'
Paper Currencies Finally Redeemed For Gold
Property Rights, the Clean Water Act, and the Supreme Court
Giant Sucking Sound Part 2?
Is the Swiss Franc to Euro Peg Bullish for Gold?
Obama Said to Seek $300 Billion Jobs Package
Chile Sells $1 Billion Dollar-Denominated Bonds
Fed's Evans Calls to Cut Unemployment to 7.5%
Treasury 10-Year Yields Rise From Record Low
Treasuries Advance on Monetary Stimulus Speculation
Obama to unveil jobs plan in a speech to Congress
Are you going to sell your gold now?
Iran boosts gold reserves to challenge western embargo
Commodities Look Set to Rocket Higher
Where is Global Growth Without the U.S., Europe, and Japan?
False Comparison to 2008
Greek Euro Exit: 60% Currency Devaluation,
Gold Hits New High as Fear Stalks Financial Markets
Bernanke gets another shot to lay out QE3 options
Dollar weakens; court gives euro a boost
Dow headed below 10,000 as cyclical bear begins
Feds say Bank of America worse than Countrywide
Gold's rally will continue
Obama to play small ball, in jobs-proposal address;
Gold fever sweeps the criminal underworld
New York prosecutors widen Goldman probe
Baby boomer fears cast another pall over markets
Gold â€" The Safest Haven?
Switzerland 'Pegs' Franc To The Euro!
US Federal Reserve: economy grew at a slower pace in some regions
German court curbs future bail-outs, bans EU fiscal union
A Jobs Plan for the Post-Cubicle Economy
Obama's Last Chance to Repair Damage and Change the Debate
Few Have Faith in Obama's $300 Billion Jobs Package
Fed considers buying more
Let's Just Raid Social Security
Hilsenrath Speaks: "Fed Prepares To Act"
Japan's Economy Implodes Again: No Scapegoats This Time

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