Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Jun 15

Oil Industry to Cut $1 Trillion in Spending After Price Fall
Oil could plunge about 60% from current levels, analyst says
Kurds ready for new oil deal with Baghdad if they get $1 billion a month
Global market may face oil shortage in 3-5yrs – Rosneft CEO
Exclusive: Venezuela in talks with China for grace period in oil-for-loans deal - source
India seeks better LNG deal by teaming up with South Korea and Japan
Royal Dutch Shell plc, Gazprom PAO Baltic Sea LNG Plant Deal in the Offing
Climate change or not, power-starved India just can't help burning more coal
Indonesian February thermal coal exports drop 6% on year
Chinese Coal Company Misses Bond Payment as Debt Woes Spread
Ukraine's Zaporizhia nuclear plant to switch to U.S. fuel late in June
French Nuclear Power Company Areva (AREVA) Announces Restructuring Plan, To Raise $9 Billion
Nuclear power 'far from dead' as U.S. sees startup of first reactor in 20 years
India targets 10GW solar and wind hybrid capacity by 2022
SA has huge wind energy potential, says Nordex
Gamesa says no deal yet with Siemens on wind energy merger
New CEO of Petrobras Has Good News for Brazil's Ethanol Makers

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