Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Headlines in the News May 25, 2016

France Hit By Gas Shortages, Rationing After Refinery Workers Go On Strike
The case of the $629 Band-Aid â€" and what it reveals about American health care
ETF Gold Holdings Rise At The Fastest Pace Since 2009 As Central Banker Credibility Plunges
More than one-in-five working age Millennials live at home: California has two of the top four metro areas with Millennials living at home
Dark Waters
Alone, but not Alone
After imprisoning Oregon ranchers, Obama to sign an executive order legalizing BLM tyranny to take over any land it wants
Baby boomers to blame for lost generation of gardeners
Finally Getting Serious about Identifying Islamists?
There’s No Place To Hide From Surveillance Technology In 2016
Obama banishes Vietnam war era with lifting of arms ban
Boeing plans hundreds of layoffs
Close to 1,000 laid off from Halliburton Duncan plant
Shell is cutting another 2,200 jobs
Toyota Financial to provide leasing options for Uber drivers
Ex-McDonald’s CEO says raising the minimum wage will help robots take jobs
Fed: Nearly half in U.S. would have trouble with emergency $400 expense
DoubleLine's Gundlach: US Stock Market Is 'Dead Money'
Bill Gross: U.S. Needs to 'Re-Normalize' Interest Rates
Microsoft retreats from phone business with more job cuts
Manufacturing recession goes global
Fed survey lays bare U.S. economic divide
TreeHouse Foods plans to close two production plants - 720 jobs eliminated
Helen Chaitman-Big Bank Customers Destroyed in Next Economic Meltdown
Data Breaches Up 22% to Date in 2016
Tiffany’s Sparkle Dims as Q1 Sales Drop 7%
Dear Fed Policymakers: Please Heed Venezuela for Lesson in Hyperinflation
Biggest banks in the world list: China dominates, US fades
More Syrian Refugees To US: Costs And Consequences
Walmart Ending Price Matching Of Local Competitors’ Ads At 500 Stores
Five arrested in $36.5 million IRS impersonation scam
USDollar/USDX Index
The American People Have Been Conquered: “Change Through Peaceful Means No Longer Possible”
“Slacking Off”: Young Adults Living In Parents’ Basement Most Common For First Time Ever
All Of Our Children Will Be Microchipped in the Future: “Testing Is Being Done Right Now”

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