Monday, May 30, 2016

Energy Stories in the News May 30

Setting Record: Russia Outperforms Saudi Arabia in Chinese Oil Market
Iraq joins Mideast rivals raising oil exports ahead of OPEC meeting
China adds pipelines, depots at "teapot" oil hub to ease congestion
Why India could be the oil market's next big driver of consumption
Shell becomes a player in the recovery of oil
U.S. natgas speculators switch from net long to net short -CFTC
Mitsui to Supply Colombia Its First Liquefied Natural Gas Cargo
TASS: Russia offers no gas discount to Belarus
Seaborne thermal coal trade to fall 30 mil mt in 2016, says analyst
UPDATE 2-Indonesia says coal output will fall next year as smaller miners struggle
Japan, China face mounting risks of stranded coal investments
Cambodia and Thailand edging closer to nuclear power
China's Nuclear Opportunities in Iran
US offshore wind grants of USD 80m go to alternate projects
China solar cell capacity expansion raises overesupply concern
Dubai receives solar power bid cheaper than coal
Modi takes on sugar lobby, says will not hesitate to boost Ethanol

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