Thursday, April 7, 2016

Precious Metals Stories in the News Apr 07

Apr 07 Triffin's Paradox Revisited: Crunch-Time for the USD & Global Economy  OfTwoMinds   
Apr 07 The Gilder  NYSun   
Apr 07 Gold's Spring Swing Higher ??  GV   
Apr 07 Stocks Bull Market Handing Bears Another Noose? Forecast April 2016  YouTube   
Apr 07 Debt Spiral Grips Both, Pemex and Mexico  WolfStreet   
Apr 07 When Things Fall Apart  PS   
Apr 07 A Look Back At 40 Years of Apple  Fortune   
Apr 07 For Israel's Sake The Israel Lobby Must Be Held To Account  PCR   
Apr 07 Petra's pink diamond goes for $15m  Mineweb   

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