Monday, April 11, 2016

Headlines in the News April 11, 2016

“The Greater Depression Has Started” Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces
The $1 Trillion Short Underlying Stocks’ Spring Awakening
Obama Administration Pushes Banks to Make Home Loans to People with Weaker Credit
The Former CFO of Enron Warned a Group of Execs that Large US Companies are Doing the Same Things He Did
The Fed Can’t Save Us
US Weakens Retirement Advice Rule, Responding to Industry
Under 40? Five Charts that Show Why You’re a Victim of the Housing Crisis
Why You Need to Turn Paper Statements Back On
Bobby Akart: From Con To Icon
There’s Classified, And Then There’s Classified
A simple concept requiring no special equipment FBI Director puts tape over his webcam
FBI Warns of Cyber Threat to Electric Grid
Ben S. Bernanke: What tools does the Fed have left? Helicopter money
Obama, Yellen ‘trade notes’ on risks to economy
Alcoa cuts jobs as sales fall 15%
Gold Finds Its Floor; Rallies To 3-Week High
Italy’s Banking Crisis Is Backâ€"-Government Desperately Seeking Bailout
Gold Prices Unlikely To Slow Down, $1,350/oz In 2017: Credit Suisse
Japan Needs Stronger Dollar, China Wants Weaker Dollar
Junk Defaults to Rise to 4.6% in Next Year
Fed Official: America No Longer Top Country to Achieve American Dream
Why Bankers Hate It When You Hold Cash
Outgoing pharma CEO on hot seat over drug price spikes
American Apparel cutting factory jobs
Jobless voters key to Trump primary win
Minimum Wage Laws: Do We Need Them?
Bank Bail-Ins Begin as EU Bank “Bailed In” In Austria
The war on business during presidential campaign
‘Why aren’t we earning enough to live?’
Wall Street braces for lackluster earnings season
Goldman Sachs officially reaches $5B settlement over toxic mortgage bonds
Housing Bust Lingers for Generation X
Former McDonald's CEO: $15 Minimum Wage is a Jobs Killer
USDollar/USDX Index
Rich Flee Chicago Amid Racial Strife, Civil Unrest: “Turning Into A Crime Infested Hell Hole”
Key Hot Spots Around the Globe “Descend Into Financial Chaos”

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