Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Headlines in the News February 16, 2016

Deranged Central Bankers Blowing Up The World
Financial Crisis 2016: High Yield Debt Tells Us That Just About EVERYTHING Is About To Collapse
What Energy Bankers are REALLY Saying: “We are looking to save ourselves now!”
From USA Today… How Bad Will It Get for the Banks?
The Five Fears Stalking the Global Banking Industry
Opinion: Falling Oil Prices Will Bankrupt the Likes of Russia, Saudi Arabia
IMF and World Bank Move to Forestall Oil-Led Defaults
Is Saudi Arabia Approaching an Economic Breaking Point?
Economist Suggests that Correa is Out of Touch with Ecuador’s Economic Crisis
The Effect of Deflation on Debt
vehicle mounted anti-ambush shotgun arrays used in Rhodesia
Darpa robot ship
antique hand cranked sewing machines
70 percent of Americans are being treated for a depression they DON’T HAVE, says award-winning investigative journalist
BBC News Freightliner to lay off 1,250 workers
Homebuilder confidence wanes
American public should never have to bail those banks out again
Transocean cuts offshore jobs
“Don’t Go Negative,” Deutsche Bank Pleads
A 2008-Style Meltdown in 2016?
35% of drillers at high risk of bankruptcy: Report
One of the world's biggest mining companies is cutting 5,500 jobs because of the slowdown in China
There will be another crisis. It’s just a question of when
City pinpoints gun violence using mics placed "throughout the city"
Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives Passes Bill to Restructure $9 Billion in Debt
Big changes in store for food stamp recipients?
The Banking Turmoil Spreadsâ€"-Massive Banking Crisis Brewing In Singapore
Russia, Saudi Arabia strike deal on oil production freeze
Obama Admin Vows To Sign UN Global Warming Deal Without Senate Approval
Surprise -- The Biggest Banks Are Still Too Big To Fail
How happy are Uber drivers? Not very, study finds.
Investigators Discover Surprising News About Flint's Water Bills
What The Lowe's Robot Will Do For Youâ€"And The Future Of Retail
Scrap the $100 bill and make life tougher for criminals
Why the Fed Can’t Tell When a Recession Starts
USDollar/USDX Index
“You Should Be Very Worried, You Should Be Prepared” Warns Jim Rogers
A Jaw-Dropping Prediction: “Silver Will Head Towards A $400 Price”
This Heart Attack Gun May Have Been Used To Kill Scalia: “Undetectable Toxin… Leaves a Tiny Red Dot… Would Not Appear In Autopsy”

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