Monday, February 15, 2016

Headlines in the News February 15, 2016

Fingerprints for Food: Venezuela Rolls Out New Plan to Keep Shelves Stocked
‘Look out, we are heading for a crash again’, warns William White, the central banker who predicted 2008 crisis
Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 45M for 55 Straight Months
Lawmakers Warn Up to 30 Corporations Might Flee US Taxes
Importing Lower Wages as 75% of Silicon Valley’s Tech Workers are Foreign Born: How Tech Manipulates the H1-B Visa Program for Cheap Labor
People Over 50 Carrying More Debt Than In The Past
Shops’ Electricity Rationed in Crisis-Hit Venezuela
Millions Face “Retirement Crisis” Over Pensions Tax Raid
50 Nifty Tricks for DIY Savings
Top 10 Money Saving DIYs of the Year
Copeland Mountain
2 people walking across Golden Gate Bridge hit by blow darts
Pioneer Preppy
very disturbing video
It’s weird, it’s sort of ugly, it makes thrumming noises, and you’ll want one.
Here’s why (and how) the government will ‘borrow’ your retirement savings
Intelligent Robots Threaten Millions of Jobs
Draghi Denies ECB Waging War on Cash With Big Banknote Review
Dollars & Bonds Not Safe Haven This Crash
Jim Rogers says Central Bankers are incompetent and we’re all going to pay the price
Where Deflation Comes From
China PPI, consumer inflation unlikely to offer investors cheer
Boeing Worst Performing Dow Stock in 2016
The Third and Final Phase for Central Banking Has Begun
Gold is Officially in a Bull Market
Germany Prepares For Half A Million Refugees This Year
What Markets Are Telling Us
Another Lousy Case of Corporate Welfare
Americans over 40 carrying more debt
Why the U.S. is vulnerable to a recession
Why Higher Gold Prices Today Are Just the Start of 2016’s Climb
Japan’s economy contracts in fourth quarter
January Sees Huge Spike in Dry Bulk Scrapping
USDollar/USDX Index
Cashless Crisis: “With Digital Payments, Civilization Comes To An End Until Power is Restored”
Collapsing Venezuela Is Out of Food: “Prepping Became Illegal”, Long Lines Mandatory
Economic Hardship Not Just Causing Poverty But “Destruction of Human Hopes and Dreams”
The Most Important Supreme Court Cases “Derailed” By Scalia’s Death: Amnesty, Obamacare & Guns

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