Friday, February 12, 2016

Headlines in the News February 12, 2016

Genius: FATCA has brought in just $13.5 billion in revenue on a cost of $1 trillion
Investors ‘Go Bananas’ for Gold Bars as Global Stock Markets Tumble
Yellen on Negative Rates: ‘We Wouldn’t Take Those Off the Table’
Yellen: Fed Not Likely to Reverse Course on Rates Despite Risks
CAGW Scorches Final Obama Budget
Low Wage Recovery Highlighted by 7 Out of 10 Jobs Added in January Coming from Minimum Wage Waiters and Temporary Retail Workers
European Central Bank Gets Ready for More Easy Money
Sweden Takes Negative Interest Rates Even Lower as Riksbank Fights to Keep Up with Global Stimulus
Shipping Industry Faces Worse Storm Than After Financial Crisis, Warns Maersk Boss
Norway Seeks to Diversify Its Economy as Oil Earnings Plunge
17 Things to Make Instead of Buy
Oregon standoff: Cliven Bundy faces six federal charges over 2014 confrontation
Shocking new ISIS video shows four-year-old British boy dubbed ‘Jihadi Junior’ blowing up four alleged spies in a car bomb
FBI surrounds last occupiers at Malheur Wildlife Refuge
Finding a winch anchor where there is none
3-in-1 ‘wearable shelter’ for Syrian refugees
Obama DHS scrubs records of hundreds of Muslim terrorists
MS-13 foot soldiers use ‘surge’ to cross border, ‘colonize new criminal territory’
Yellen: There's 'always some chance of recession'
Gold's Soaring Right Now -- Here's What's Next...
Restaurant same-store sales dip negative in January
Marc Faber: Over 5 Thousand Years We've Never Had Negative Rates
Dry Bulk Bankruptcy Wave Approaching, Warns Precious Shipping CEO
Forget the Great Recessionâ€"Welcome to the ‘Great Repricing’
JPMorgan's Dimon buys more than $25 million of company stock
Millennials Now Prefer Socialism To Capitalism
AIG Posts Hefty Loss, Hurt By Weak Underwriting
How Much Does America’s Huge National Debt Actually Matter?
Boeing's Accounting of 747 and Dreamliner Aircraft Investigated
Another Way for Corporations to Avoid Paying Taxes
Morgan Stanley to pay $3.2 billion for its bad mortgages
The War on Cash is About to Go into Hyperdrive
Saudi Arabia is increasing its production to force OPEC's hand
What a Recession Does to Your Money
Oil Patch Bankruptcies Soar in 2015
Wipro Bets Big on U.S. Healthcare Outsourcing Market, Acquires HealthPlan For $460 million
Boeing plans job cuts in commercial airplane unit
Nordstrom has officially become a discount outlet chain
USDollar/USDX Index
These 1400 Employees Were Just Told Their Jobs Are Moving to Mexico: “Yeah, fâ€"â€"â€" You!”
Global Stocks Meltdown Could “Trigger a Cataclysmic, Uncontrollable Backlash”
What Guns? What Gold? Prepper Tips On “Hiding Your Guns in Plain Sight”
Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In a FEMA Camp?

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