Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Headlines in the News February 10, 2016

Yellen Speaks, Dow Falls 100
Cisco beats profit estimates, adds $15 billion to buyback
War On Cash Alert: JPMorgan’s House Keynesians Call For 4.5% Negative Rate
Peter Schiff: Gold Price is Going to Skyrocket - Going to Smell Blood
Here Come the Money Helicopters!
China is on a massive gold buying spree
U.S. Steel to outsource treasury, accounting positions
Maersk Profit Plunges as Oil, Container Units Both Suffer
Yahoo announces first round of layoffs as it trims 15 percent of workforce
If You Miss Buying Gold â€" You Will Regret It Later
Fed’s Yellen signals rate hike caution amidst global volatility
Amazon Plans To Repurchase $5 Billion In Stock
Twitter disappoints investors as user growth hits wall
I’ve never liked goldâ€"but I do now: Trader
Why This LBMA Forecaster Upped His 2016 Gold Outlook | Kitco News
Move Over Greece, It's Italy's Turn - George Friedman Sounds the Alarm on European Banking Crisis
Has a robot taken your job? New figures reveal America now has a record breaking 260,000 robots working in its factories
Kyle Bass Steps Up Attack on China’s Currency
Survey: 45% of non-homeowners say finances keep them from buying
7,500 Students applying for loan forgiveness
Would the Fed ever turn to negative interest rates?
USDollar/USDX Index
“Something Terrible Is Brewing”: Psyop/False Flag to Label Patriots As ‘Domestic Terrorists’
How Smart Devices Could Take Out Power Grid: Hack “Air Conditioners Turn On/Off Repeatedly”
Trump Hammers Mexico: “Mark My Words… The Wall Just Got Higher… And You’re Paying For It”
Surviving Extreme Winter and Blizzards: “Avoid Panic and Discomfort of Being Unprepared”

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