Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Headlines in the News February 03, 2016

The Dethroning of Cash: Discouraged, Penalized, Even Banned?
Weatherford Cutting 6,000 More Jobs as Oil Downturn Worsens
The Unemployment System Isn’t Ready For The Next Recession
Hugo Salinas-Gold Repriced at End of Contraction Phase
Eurozone economy ‘losing steam’ as markets falter
Oil-rich Venezuela is now importing U.S. oil
Restaurant Industry Suddenly Tanks, Worst Plunge since the Beginning of the Financial Crisis
Bill Gross: 'Shades of 2007' as central banks flunk
GM reports record $9.7 billion earnings in 2015
Americans are losing jobs to a visa program. Can it be fixed?
Gold Up 7%; Time For Investors To Jump In? - RBC’s Gero
Kyle Bass: China banks months from danger zone
AutoCAD design software maker Autodesk to cut 925 jobs
Obamacare gives small biz tax time headaches
What Americans are doing with money saved from low oil, gas prices
Dry Bulk Players Face Reality of Mass Scrapping, Lay-Ups as Baltic Dry Index Sinks to New Record Low of 303
GOLD â€" It’s Time to Pay Attention
Feds Take Down A $1.4 Million Solar Subsidy Scheme
Dollar dips
Growth at US Services Companies Slowed in January
Puerto Rico Needs More Than Bankruptcy to Exit Debt Crisis
Welcome to Bretton Woods III
USDollar/USDX Index

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