Thursday, February 18, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Feb 18

United Arab Emirates Backs Oil Producers' Output Freeze Plan
Iran sees oil freeze pact as not enough to help market
Venezuela needs oil close to $200 a barrel to balance its budget
Russia Sees Oil Output Slump in Worst Case Amid OPEC Talks
Oil price 'to remain volatile' despite Iran support for supply freeze
Europe can do without another Russian pipeline
LNG buyers play tough on purchase deals
Japan's LNG imports fall on warm weather and atomic restarts
Russian natural gas imports to Turkey decline in 2015
Digging a deeper hole for coal
Gupta-Zuma firm eyes coal export rights
World's Top Coal Miner Told to Reform as Import Costs Plunge
'SA has to Build Nuclear Power Stations Due to Lack of Water'
Iran keen to build small nuclear power plants with Japan
UAE Close to Produce 25% of its Electricity Using Nuclear Power
French wind power market to pass 15 GW by 2019
EU Commission Extends China Solar Duties to Taiwan, Malaysia
Innovation 'could cut solar costs by half by 2030'
Export demand for ethanol, distillers grains remain strong
Petrol pump pain: Venezuelan gasoline prices jump 6,000%
Europe's refineries eye benefit from US, Russian run cuts

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