Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Headlines in the News January 19, 2016

IMF cuts global growth forecast as China slows
Johnson & Johnson to cut 3,000 jobs
Macy's just announced the end of department stores as we know them
China's Slowdown Not Helping Gold's Struggle; Silver Faring Well
The Coming Era of Financial Triage
41% of workers took no vacation last year
Morgan Stanley CEO Outlines Cost Cuts, Growth Plans
When Free Trade Fails, War Follows - Ron Paul
Cashin: US could slip into a recession
And You Thought QE Was Over: The Fed Will Monetize Half Of This Year's U.S. Treasury Issuance
Nearly 500K immigrants overstayed visas in 2015
Don't Be Duped; The IRS Isn't Calling You
Dry Bulk: Worst Crisis in Living Memory Continues as Baltic Dry Index Falls Further
Layoffs Won't Fix Walmart's Real Problem
Will 2016 Be the Year the Fed Fails?
Hong Kong's dollar peg under pressure
UnitedHealth expects to lose nearly $1 billion on Obamacare
Homebuilder confidence remains at 6-month low
Chipotle To Give Employees Paid Sick Leave So They DonĂ¢€™t Make Customers Ill
Pathogenic Finance
Tiffany Tumbles on Weak Holiday Sales
The Last 16 Times This Happened There Was A RecessionĂ¢€¦
USDollar/USDX Index
7 Jobs That Are Going to Survive the Next Economic Crash
Goldman Pays Fine For Causing 2008 Crisis As “The Rest of the World Faced Financial Armageddon”

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