Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Headlines in the News January 13, 2016

$1 trillion erased from stocks so far in 2016
Six Years Later, 93% of U.S. Counties Haven’t Recovered From Recession, Study Finds
Fed's Lacker: China not affecting fundamentals of U.S. economy
Jim Rogers discusses the real danger facing out economy
Illegal immigration by families surges 38 percent
Chicago Issues Debt to Cover Pension Shortfall
Oil could crash to $10 a barrel, warn investment bank bears
The temptations of housing finance bubbles
Global bank warns investors to ‘sell everything’ amid ‘cataclysmic year’
Gold Sinks on Bearish Outside Markets After Hitting Two-Month High
Official: Puerto Rico Power Company Lacks $1B Due Creditors
China’s $7.7 Trillion Neutron Bombâ€"-A Giant Banking System Stuffed With Bad Loans
Keiser Report: Bonfire of Misallocated Capital
Chinese RMB Will Continue To Depreciate: Morgan Stanley
What Have Seven Years of ‘Hope and Change’ Actually Done for Americans?
Odds are $1.5 billion Powerball winner will end up bankrupt
Auto Show: Some See Sales Slowdown; Fuel Economy Quandry
BAE Systems announces Jacksonville shipyard layoffs
USDollar/USDX Index
Stalling Economy Threatens Food Supply: “This Perfect Storm Could Cause You to Starve to Death”
Most Powerball Lotto Players Desperate to “Escape From the Feeling of Poverty”
Victim’s Father Demands Obama Use Martial Law Powers: “Declare State of Emergency for Gun Epidemic”
“Sell Everything!” Royal Bank of Scotland Tells Investors to Fear 2016 Financial Cataclysm

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