Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Headlines in the News January 12, 2016

BP to slash 4,000 jobs globally as oil prices drop
Not likely enough new data for first quarter rate hike: Fed's Lockhart
Yahoo Considers Selling Its Internet Business
Schiff: This bubble is bigger than the previous two combined
Nation added only 30,000 manufacturing jobs in 2015
Arch Coal Files For Bankruptcy As Plunging Prices, Weak Demand Batter US Coal Sector
What’s the last dollar they can print before financial crisis?
Prediction oil heading to $20 on dollar strength
Obama's last State of the Union - He will be talking about himself
Double Barreled Hidden Q.E. to Infinity
Goodbye Jobs, Hello 'Gigs': How One Word Sums Up A New Economic Reality
The Financial Crisis Of 2016 Rolls On â€" China, Oil, Copper And Junk Bonds All Continue To Crash
Taxes on a $1.4 billion Powerball jackpot could be $400 million
Heed the fears of the financial markets
Glencore’s U.S. Unit Sherwin Alumina Files for Bankruptcy
Price Volatility Within Normal 'DNA of Gold' Says CEO
Fiat Chrysler CEO says major shift on way for North American plants
Is The Auto Loans Bubble Ready To Pop?
Buick's Made in China Envision Crossover Arrives in the U.S.
Oil could fall toward $20, but not for the reason you think
Macy's closings could leave a trail of dead malls
USDollar/USDX Index
“After Armageddon”: Marine Shows How to Survive An Urban Disaster
U.S. Markets Fear Contagion From “The China Syndrome” Meltdown
Are You A Threat? Police Software Scans Your Social Media: “Very Dangerous For a Citizen”

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