Thursday, January 21, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Jan 21

Iraq oil sales at record, unaffected by Iran's return to market
Total to sell stake in Russian oil project
As Oil Markets Go Mad, Saudis Protect Oil Market Share By Spending Petrodollars In China
Oil price: fall to $10 a barrel 'not impossible', admits BP boss
Global Shale Gas Market Set for Explosive Growth, To Reach Around USD 105.0 Billion by 2020, Growing at 9% CAGR – Market Research Store
China's Dec LNG imports up 4.6 pct on year - customs
World's Biggest LNG Project Is Starting in the Worst Market in Years
Iran rejects selling LNG shares to foreign companies
China to allocate $4.6 bln to shut 4,300 coal mines -Xinhua
German hard coal imports fell 4 percent yr-yr in 2015 -importers
"Coal to remain key fuel for India's power sector"
China Nuclear to bring nuclear power to Saudi Arabia
Russia, Finland break ground on nuclear power plant
China and Russia plan to cover the oceans with floating nuclear power plants
US Nuclear Power Reactors Operated at Rrecord 91.9% Capacity in 2015: NEI
Chinese solar capacity outshone Germany's in 2015
GE Announces 1.4 Gigawatts of December Wind Orders
Australia's largest solar plants are open for business
Should the ethanol industry promote E30 fuel blend?
Refineries Overwhelmed By Flood Of Ethanol

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