Friday, January 15, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Jan 15

Russia says coordinated oil output cuts with OPEC unlikely
India's 2015 imports of African oil highest in at least 5 yrs - trade data
Venezuela's oil-based economy is about to flatline. Then what?
OPEC's oil basket price drops to $25 a barrel
Crude dive deepens as market braces for more Iranian oil
Exclusive: Russia likely to scale down China gas supply plans - sources
Mexico and Cuba considering joint natural gas project -minister
Shell to lose $1billion contract as Qatar offers Pakistan lower price
Changes afoot for U.S. coal industry
Switch from coal to gas a distant prospect for Germany
Vietnam's VINACOMIN Targets to Produce 39.87 Mil mt Coal in 2016, Up 7% on Year
Russia in Talks With India to Continue Nuclear Fuel Deliveries
SA's future? Belgium's (30yr old) nuclear plants raise safety concerns
This technology may be the future of solar energy
Wind energy in Denmark breaking world records
SunEdison To Cover 25 California School Parking Lots With Solar
UNICA: Ethanol production up nearly 5% through December
Qatar to hike gasoline prices by 30 percent at midnight

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