Friday, January 8, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Jan 08

Aramco of Saudi Arabia would be the oil sale of the century
Shell sees BG deal working with oil at $50 for two years - sources
US lifting oil export ban unlikely to change global market
Russia's oil-price headache is only getting worse
National Energy Board approves its first 40-year natural-gas export licence for LNG Canada
China's weaker yuan cuts interest in LNG imports
Qatar to respond in 15 days over demand of cut in LNG price
Iran eyes gas exports to Europe, West Asia
Egyptian government approves Chinese coal-fired power plant proposals
Indian coal imports slump 34 per cent
US Coal Train Loadings Drop to Year-Low Totals in Final Weeks of 2015: STB
South Africa's nuclear program raises controversy
Russia cancels nuclear training deals with Turkish universities
EDF considers selling €3bn stake in UK nuclear business to help fund reactors
Global Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Market to be Propelled by Greater Concerns over Carbon Footprint
UK Blows Away Wind Power Records
Solar Power Capacity In India May Hit 20 GW By March 2017
Siemens secures 53MW Scotland wind order

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