Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Headlines in the News December 29, 2015

The War against Cash, Part II
Bal Harbour to Caracas: Millions in drug money.
The Credit Crunch is Back: Banks Scramble to Collateralize Loans to Record Levels
The Big Flop of the US Economic Recovery
The Post Crisis Disorder
Ontarians Urged Voluntarily to Pay More Taxes to Cut Province’s Debt
Puerto Rico’s Brain Drain
Taiwan is Facing Huge Problems in the Coming Years
The Death of the American Pension: Shifting the Retirement Burden from Employers to Workers Has Created an Enormous Financial Crisis
Pete Santilli was arrested
Texas to Become 45th State to Allow Open Carry
30 Reasons Why You Might Be a Crazy Prepper Nut Job
BREAKING: No More Colt 1911s In California?
191 Million US Voter Registration Records Leaked In Mystery Database
J.P. Morgan to Increase Deposit Rates for Some Big Clients
Puerto Rico is on the brink of a big default
Report: Holiday Shoppers Saved So Much On Gas, They Spent 8% More This Year
ISIS leader releases audio warning
America's 'children in the basement' won't be moving out any time soon
Data on 191 Million U.S. Voters Was Leaked Online
Recent Fed Interest Rate Hike Is “Out Of Sync”: Citi
Wall Street in 2016: What could possibly go wrong?
Ex-JPMorgan Personal Bankers Accused of Theft From the Dead
Low Holiday 2015 Sales Reported By U.S. Retailers, Fourth-Quarter Profit Declines Expected
Apple Makes $407,000 Profit Per Employee, Walmart And Retail, $6,300: Who's The Exploiter?
Mythbusters: Do We Elect Kings or Servants? - Ron Paul
Cashless Societies: How Realistic?
US leads the world in debt defaults in 2015
Colorado pot bank begs for access to nation's banking system
What can be done to help the middle class?
How Iran Will Impact Oil in 2016
Japan Factory Output Stumbles
Global Mining Companies Steel for Worse in 2016
Deutsche Bank sells China bank stake
USDollar/USDX Index
2016 Is “Terminal Phase of Most Destructive Ponzi Scheme” in History
OPEC Predicts Oil Prices WILL NOT Return To Triple Digits Until 2040: “Strikingly Bearish”
The Lost Home Owner: “Soaring House Prices And Lack of Decently Paid Jobs” Affect Young
“Zero Confidence”: 8 In 10 Americans Think Obama Is Losing To ISIS

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