Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Headlines in the News December 16, 2015

Big Banks Caught Using Credit Default Swaps To Destroy Nations
Silver: Until Paper Currencies Stop Losing Value
Janet Yellen: An Orthodox Economist in Unorthodox Times
Fannie and Freddie’s Propoganda War
Bubble Watch: No Down Payment Jumbo Mortgage Makes Comback
The Global Economic Cost of Terrorism is Now at It’s Highest Since 9/11
How Much Money Goes to Fighting and Funding Isis?
The World’s “Hot” Money
6 Steps to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early
A Postcard From Loki
Quinn from Homeland Understands the Problem
lightweight thermal concealment system
Here is some real survival skill ICE Brags About Catching 0.0002% of Criminal Aliens
Fed raises interest rates, first time since 2006
Union deal allows Mack Trucks workers to 'share the pain' of 400 layoffs
US Homebuilder Sentiment Slips in December
Larry Summers: Chance of a U.S. Recession in Next 2-3 Years Above 50%
Swiss banks to pay US$130 million, avoid charges on aiding US tax evasion
This Is What A Financial Crisis Looks Like
Freight Shipments Plummet as Inventory Glut Bites
Magnum Hunter latest oil producer to seek bankruptcy
Russian Banks Issue First 'Mir' National Payment System Cards
Obama Administration Approves 3 Million New Immigrant Workers in One Year
$20 Mil to Help Ex-Cons Get Jobs
Bomb Threat Triggering Massive L.A. School Closings Called a Hoax
Secret Santa pays $79K at 2nd Wal-Mart layaway
Lottery tickets and payouts going to Maine residents on welfare
Stores Lost $185 Million in Sales Due to Warm Weather
Is the U.S. running out of money for illegal children?
Share buybacks just another Wall Street scam
Common Sense Declares "Something Far Worse Is At Work In The Economy"
How Many More Jobs Do We Need to Reach Full Recovery?
EU says new border force needed to restore security
Denmark to confiscate gold, jewelry, and other valuables from refugees
The Advantages of Higher Inflation
USDollar/USDX Index
Global Propaganda: Like Hitler, Climate Deniers Will Lead to “Ecological Holocausts”
Search For Fabled Nazi Gold Train Is A Bust: “There May Be A Tunnel… But There Is No Train”
Before Debates, Trump Crowd Swarmed on Protester: “Light The Motherf@*ker On Fire!”

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