Friday, December 11, 2015

Headlines in the News December 11, 2015

America’s Road To Serfdom: 51% Of Renters Are Over-40 Years Old
Middle Class Americans ‘No Longer Majority’
The Fed’s Painted Itself Into the Most Dangerous Corner in History
America’s Middle Class Has Lost 30% of Its Wealth
Obamacare Will Shrink the Workforce by 2M by 2025
Due Process Clause
Chinese Devaluation is a Bigger Danger than an Increase to Rates by the Federal Reserve
Chinese Investment in Africa
Great Gift Ideas for Frugal People
Scientists Have Found a New Strain of Bacteria Resistant to ALL Antibiotics
Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics
True Light Infantry
What happens when a family runs out of food stamps
Communications Go Box
The Coming Economic Collapse Will Crash Stocks
Cheap Oil's First US Casualty: Alaska Forced To Tax Personal Income For First Time In 35 Years
A world of central bank divergence | Analysis Review
Is Shopping On Christmas Day The Next Big Thing In Retail?
US Household Wealth in Q3 Fell for First Time in 4 Years
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac suspend foreclosure evictions during holidays
A history of the US gold standard
Buybacks enrich the bosses even when business sags
World Most Exposed Ever to the Explosive “Strong Dollar”
$416,014,000,000: Federal Taxes Set Record
The middle class is shrinking
Kinder Morganâ€"â€"Poster Boy For Bubble Finance
Employers roll out student loan repayment plan
Oil Industry Cutting Again, But It Still Might Not Be Enough
Wal-Mart adds to mobile wallet frenzy with 'Walmart Pay'
Gov’t Report: NOAA’s Mismanaged Satellite Programs To Cost Taxpayers $22 Billion
Losing The 'Good War': Taliban Returns In Afghanistan
Volkswagen says staff started work on emissions cheat in 2005
Barclays: Watch Out for Slowing Dividend Growth Next Year
USDollar/USDX Index
Exit Doors Closing As Icahn Warns “Meltdown In High Yield Is Just Beginning”
Why America Will Burn: People “Behave Utterly Helpless To Change the Situation”
Red or Blue: What Happens When YOU Are Put On A List? “If You’re On That List, Your Right Is Cancelled”
The Watchlist Gun Bans Begin: Obama Enlists Governors to Bypass Congress: “By Executive Order”

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