Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Dec 30

New North Sea oil production begins
Russian finance minister sees oil price at $40 per barrel in 2016
Saudi Arabia says it's ready to meet any additional oil demand
Iraq's southern oil exports hold near record in December - sources
One of the world's major oil producers could face a huge problem in 2016
Iran's OPEC envoy predicts oil could reach $50 in 2016
Golar LNG linked to GAIL gas contracts
South Korea cuts natural gas rates 9% from Jan on lower LNG import bill
India pushes ahead with LNG fuel plans along its rivers
DOE Study Finds Increased LNG Exports Would Drive Production, Prices Higher
China to Halt New Coal Mine Approvals Amid Pollution Fight
Britain buries era of deep coal mining as last pit closes
Australian uranium in demand as China goes full steam for nuclear
India - US civil nuclear cooperation, highlight of nuclear sector in 2015
Cabinet nod for Indo-Australian civil nuclear cooperation deal
China sets slightly lower solar target for 2016
Vestas Receives 50 MW Order in China
Increase in Scottish solar power capacity
Vestas gets 117-MW wind turbine order in Finland
Record set by Iowa ethanol plants in 2015
India seeks more fuel ethanol use to cut pollution
2015 sees huge jump in ethanol exports to China

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