Monday, December 21, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Dec 21

Oil prices plummet to 11-yr low as US lifts export ban
Total renounces oil survey work off Western Sahara
Russia passes Saudi Arabia as top China oil supplier for 3rd month in 2015
Iran woos Indian refiners to drive oil sales in cut-throat market
Libya's oil company says signs shipment deal with Egypt
Libya's oil company says signs shipment deal with Egypt
World's Largest Oil Expo cippe to Gather Top 10 Oil Giants Next March in Beijing
India to buy stakes in Iran's LNG terminal
Analysis: Turkey Balances on Brink of Gas Supply Crisis
India re-negotiating terms of gas contract with Qatar: Oil Minister
EU to extend sanctions against Russia over gas project
How Eskom is transforming coal industry
Ukraine cuts coal production by 40.9% in 11 months
International Energy Agency report says Chinese coal demand to drop further but Australia to be world's largest exporter
Researchers propose new kind of MOF to clean coal burned in power plants
India to offer site in Andhra to Russia for nuclear plant in Make-in-India push
SA's R1 trillion nuclear plans clear another hurdle
Is Indonesia Ready for Nuclear Power Plants?
Russia's largest solar farm opened in Urals
SA wind farm delivers 'cheapest wind energy ever procured' in Australia
Pakistan Cuts Solar Power Tariff By 25%
More ethanol, India asks producers
Jordan to Sign $400 Million Plant Deal With Saudi Arabia's ACWA
Gasoline prices continue to tumble in US

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