Friday, December 18, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Dec 18

Oil firms in talks to buy stake in Siberia oil project: Sources
How oil could go even lower
Royal Dutch Shell calls for tougher regulation of Dubai oil benchmark
US oil is too good, too pricey and too far for Asia buyers
India kicks off talks with OPEC; seeks reasonable oil pricing for developing nations
Shell Charters 15 LNG-powered Barges for NW Europe
Shell, Gazprom's Russian LNG Venture Readying Export Boost Plans
BG Group wins OK for Louisiana LNG project
As China's demand wanes, the golden age of coal comes to an end - IEA
Ukraine's Coal Output Down 22.8% on Year in November
Global demand for coal has stalled for the first time since the 1990s
Russia, Kazakhstan preparing agreement on construction of nuclear plant — Kremlin
China releases first software package for nuclear power exports
The rocky road to nuclear fusion power
Vestas unveils 100-MW wind turbine order in US
China's Brave New Climate Goal and the DIY Formula for Achieving It
Russia awards 280 MW of solar, 35 MW of wind in latest tender
Indo-Japan nuclear deal to boost India's renewable energy plans: IEA
US ethanol production again hits 1 million barrels per day
Pacific Ethanol produces cellulosic ethanol at Stockton plant

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