Thursday, October 29, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Oct 29

Oct 29 There is no economic yardstick  Steve Saville 321gold   
Oct 29 EU Rules Bitcoin is a Currency, US Says Bitcoin is a Commodity; Which Side is Correct? What About Gold and BitGold?  GEA   
Oct 29 The Global Depression and Deflation is Currently Underway!  Consensus   
Oct 29 The Worse Things Get for you the Better they get for Wall Street  TBP   
Oct 29 The Potash Price Tag In Saskatchewan  PR   
Oct 29 COT for Gold and Silver Enters Dangerous Territory  Ross Clark IA   
Oct 29 China Containerized Freight Index Collapses to Worst Level Ever  WolfStreet   
Oct 29 Half of [US] Millennials live at home with parents  MB360   
Oct 29 Why Russia is Serious About Fighting Terrorism and the US Isn't  NEO   
Oct 29 3,500-year-old treasure trove unearthed from grave of Greek warrior-king  CNN   

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