Friday, October 30, 2015

Headlines in the News October 30, 2015

What the Rite Aid deal means for Walgreens and the future of retail healthcare
Our Debt Continues to Increase: The Boehner-Obama Deal
Time to Use Threats of Default and Shut-Down to Reduce Spending
Weak U.S. Business Spending Plans Signal Slower Economic Times Coming
The Bull Run in Stocks is Perilous
Orders for U.S. Durable Goods Fizzle
The U.S. Service Economy Tumbles: October Slow Down Likely to Influence Central Bank Decisions on Rates
Healthcare Co-ops Closing: The Bad News Keeps Coming, Consumer Coverage Choices Narrow
The Retirement Crisis is Real: Are Mandatory Regulated Accounts Really the Solution?
6 Clever Ways to Save Money on Utilities
Animated Refugee Map
Immigrants FLOODING Into US At Rate Of 3 LAs Per Year
13 reasons why we should not admit Muslim ‘refugees’
…Undeniable Social Security Demographics
Penn Study Blocks Ebola Virus Budding by Regulating Calcium Signaling
Deutsche Bank to shed 35,000 jobs, exit 10 countries
US and Bank of England strike blows against 'Brexit' supporters
Housing Bubble 2.0: Flipping A Home In These 20 Cities Results In A 102% Average Return
The Rise And Fall of Banker Bonuses
Time to Keep Your Cash in the Microwave?
VW Affirms Commitment to Chattanooga Plant Despite Scandal
Eurozone - The Quantitative Easing Experiment Is Failing
Federal Government Anti-Pumpkins, Because Climate Change
Robots threatening human jobs
76% of online shopping in the US this holiday season will be spent on 1% of products
What Recovery? Recession Fears Mount As GDP Dips, Profits Crash
Despite economic turmoil at home, Chinese remain No. 1 buyers of luxury goods, study shows
Ranchers look to sell beef to China amid WHO cancer cautions
Jerry Brown: Climate Change Fight Like World War II
'Serious times' as Americans' wage growth stalls
Market to Fed: We can survive rate hike
Self-Driving Cars More Prone to Accidents, But It's Not Their Fault
“Markets as manic as I’ve seen them”
Samsung Unveils $10 Billion Share Buyback
As Oil Outlook Dims, Industry Slips into the Red
Money Printers Gone Wildâ€"A Summary of BOJ’s Current And Potential Lunacy
US economic growth slows sharply
Pending home sales continue to cool off in September
USDollar/USDX Index

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