Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Headlines in the News October 27, 2015

US 2014 wage statistics
Zero Percent Inflation: Next Up, Deflation
Budget Prioritization Problems in Illinois: The State is Deep into Uncharted Territory
Free Fruit from Community Orchards
Working with a Meal Plan: How to Eat Well on $20 a Week
The Mises Week in Review: Governments Continue to Cling to the Follies of Central Planning
Learning About Money: What Your Child Should Know
Florida Sheriffs Sovereign Citizen Training for Law Enforcement
Russian ships hanging out to close to undersea data cables
sending a destroyer to the man-made islands in disputed waters
Your Vegetarian Hot Dog May Contain Meat … and Human DNA
Cummins plans to slash 2,000 jobs
ATMs That Scan Your Eyeballs for Cash Being Tested in U.S.
Bernanke: governments 'too focussed on budget cuts'
Why are new home sales slumping?
Chinese workforce shrinks, robots fill factories
Why Fed wants to keep us guessing: Ex-Fed official
Ron Paul Has Incredible Reaction to Donald Trump’s Attack on Gold Bugs
People's Bank Of China: Our big easing nothing like ECB's, Fed's QE
UPS counting on small retailers to save Christmas
Moody's: No worries about default if Congress misses debt limit deadline
Goldman Sachs worker likely to face jail amid rare criminal charges for a banker
Healthcare.gov premiums have bigger increase for 2016
And Now Defaulted Leveraged Loans Go Kaboom
GE Investing Up to $1 Billion in Indonesia
First corporate earnings contraction since crisis
Citi Testing Screenless, Cardless ATMs
Wal-Mart seeks to test drones for home delivery, pickup
Tapping the Fed’s magic money tree
'Good' Jobs Aren't Coming Back
Gold Demand in China May Gain to Record
GE admits they’ll move plant out of the country even if Ex-Im bank reopens
American companies are in a profits recession: You can blame King Dollar
Will Sweden Be The First Country To Get Rid Of Cash? Even panhandlers accept credit cards.
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