Thursday, October 8, 2015

Headlines in the News October 08, 2015

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton signs Mexico City trade deal for Phoenix biz
US consumer credit his new record of $3.47 trillion in August, led by auto and student debt
Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines targets 1 million kids as depositors
Currency Crises Come Quickly; Don't Be Too Late To Prepare - Peter Schiff
$1 Billion In Questionable Department of Homeland Security 2014 Disaster-Related Funding Found
Agricultural giant Monsanto plans to cut 2,600 jobs in cost-saving effort
Avenue Capital founder and CEO: “U.S. Economy Is Doing Great..the Best Place To Invest Is The U.S.”
2,000 more layoffs at U.S. Steel debated
Silver Prices React To Strong Oil Prices
Teamsters’ Pension Fund Warns 400,000 of Cuts
Profits at big U.S. banks soar since crisis: New York Fed
China Dumps Another $45 Billion Of Reserves In September, Actual Outflows Could Be Far Higher
Bank of America says banks may have $100 billion in exposure to Glencore
Ben Bernanke: The Federal Reserve is a 'Very Transparent Institution"
U.S. Wastes Billions Funding Failed Foreign Military Forces
Another Asset Price Bubble? Kroll Says ‘Yes’
Don't Be Fooled: A Stealth Bull Market in Gold and Silver Is Underway
V, the Guerrilla Economist-You Cannot Stop This Financial Collapse
California Realizes Maybe It’s Not Such A Good Idea To Print Full Social Security Numbers On Mailed Documents
On the Brink, Argentina Asks China for More Money
30% of Homes Lost Value Over the Last Year
New Estimates Of How Many Households Pay No Federal Income Tax
Can bankrupt American Apparel stay American?
USDollar/USDX Index

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