Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Headlines in the News September 09, 2015

Warren Buffett: Economy 'not bad' but 'not booming'
Hundreds more job cuts announced in Texas
Macy's to close up to 40 stores
Everybody Is Preparing for Wrong Outcome in US Economy
Housing Sentiment Drops Amid Economic Concerns
US Consumer Borrowing Hits Fresh Record in July
U.S. oil exports: Coming soon?
Health-Care Mergers: Good for Health-Care Companies, Not So Good for Patients and Doctors
Bill Ackman on China's economy, U.S. minimum wage
GE clears final hurdle to $14 billion Alstom deal
No union mines left in Kentucky, where labor wars once raged
Social Security Disability Fund Will Be Broke Next Year
Key Indicator Points to 420% Gain in Silver Prices
U.S. Gas Prices Could Stay Low for the Time Being
Federal Reserve rate rise would cause panic and turmoil, warns World Bank
Cal State data breach hits nearly 80,000 students
Raoul Pal: US recession, China devaluation coming
Poverty Grows in US Defying More Spending on Programs
What happens when the government limits payday lending
European Central Bank Hints at Increasing Quantitative Easing
Economists are obsessed with US economic data
USDollar/USDX Index

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