Thursday, August 27, 2015

Headlines in the News August 27, 2015

Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks
Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets-Jim Sinclair
The Truth about Currency Devaluation and Preparedness
CONDITION RED: The Financial System Is Now Out Of Control
Why Saudi Arabia Won’t Cut Oil Production
San Francisco Hygiene Goes Full Medieval? ( Caution A 21st-Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone
Getting Out Of Dodge. One Couples Story.
The Great YouTube Sack Lunch Drama
Are selfies to blame?
National Labor Relations Board Paves Way For Union Organizing At McDonald's And Others With Franchises, Subcontractors
JPMorgan Head Quant Warns Second Market Crash May Be Imminent: Violent Selling Could Return On Thursday
Jim Sinclair-Silver Will Be Gold On Steroids In Coming Rally
Wal-Mart thinks the Christmas season starts now
China official blames Fed for global market rout, not yuan
AIG seeking US$1.76 billion in 'life settlements' trial in New York
No Tips, Please: Minimum Wage Hikes Change Restaurant Bills
Greece’s Ex-Finance Minister Takes Questions From 9 Leading Academics
Baby Boomers Facing Retirement Crunch
Here's One Thing Standing Between You and Even Cheaper Gasoline
HP layoffs are going on now and involve a new job offer ... but no severance Ukraine secures debt relief deal
July Pending Home Salesâ€"â€"Biggest Decline Since 2011
Is the Fed Necessary?
The National Institutes of Health Approved $7.2 Million for Projects That Didn’t Meet Research Goals
Is The Term 'Anchor Baby' Offensive?
By Another Measure, U.S. Economic Growth Has Nearly Stalled This Year
Caterpillar Inc plans to cut 475 more jobs amid revenue decline
The Most Astounding Credit Binge In History
Oil moves higher; will lower gas prices last?
Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses
What’s Holding Back the U.S. Consumer
USDollar/USDX Index

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