Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Headlines in the News August 04, 2015

Layoffs Surge As Oil Price Outlook Remains Sober
Industry Analyst Defends Massive Pay Hike for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEOs
US Treasury estimates $552 billion in borrowing this year
Why the U.S. Is the Next Greece: Doug Casey on America's Economic Problems
Obama DACA Program Grants Amnesty to 664,607 Illegal Aliens
How Obamacare Increased Insurance Coverage in Every State
Rising profits at big U.S. banks boost executive pay
Citigroup Facing Federal Investigation Into Student Loan-Servicing Practices
Bail-ins in, bailouts out
Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy
AIG profit beats estimates, boosts buyback by US$5 billion
Here Comes The Next Trillion-Dollar Bailout
The great robot debate over 'killer robots'
Puerto Rico's 'death spiral' has officially begun
Get ready for U.S. bubble to burst as ‘pipsqueak’ Greece gets slammed
Gold On Sale
Why It’s Not Time to Dance on Gold’s Grave
Fed Admits Economy Can't Function Without Bubbles
Puerto Rico defaults
The real value of a $15 minimum wage depends on where you live
A Navy SEAL-turned-CEO explains why companies are outsourcing in droves
$70K minimum salary causes employees to quit and company likely to fold
Chief Economist Lindsey Piegza: Recession Possible If No Significant Momentum In U..S. Economy
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