Monday, August 10, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Aug 10

OPEC has no plan for emergency meeting on oil price drop - delegates
Oil declines a fourth day as US drillers add rigs to fields
Tokyo gets Tehran's blessing toward restoring oil imports to pre-sanctions levels
China grants independent refiners licenses to import crude oil
Now is the right time to reform oil pricing
China's low pipeline gas price cuts into LNG demand
Israel's natural gas plan wins central bank chief's backing
Iran-Japan Joint LNG Production
Kremlin: Turkey reviewing pipeline offers
US coal production slips slightly for week ending 1 August
Chinese Investors to Establish Coal Plant in Malawi: Meet Mutharika
Nuclear plant operators in high demand in China
Japan to restart reactor in test of Abe's nuclear policy
Commission makes case for nuclear energy in Ghana
Japan Solar Market Receives $300 Million Investment
The boom in wind energy couldn't be coming at a better time
20.6 GW Of Solar Energy Project Proposals For Upcoming Brazilian Auction
France sets sights on first ever floating wind farm
US ethanol use drops to 11-week low

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