Monday, August 3, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Aug 03

Algeria boosts oil output by 32,000 bpd with two new fields
China increases oil imports from Angola
Iraqi Kurdistan oil attack leads to stoppage
Petrobras fire sale threatens Brazil's highly ambitious oil plans
Lifting the export ban on crude oil would be a boon to the U.S. economy
Iran-Iraq gas pipeline to be complete in 20 days: official
Ukraine's stored natural gas at 13 bcm as of Aug 3 -Ukrtransgaz
Total takes over New Guinea LNG project
U.S. gas exports: the pipe dream
Clean Power Plan: Barack Obama ignites war on coal to hit climate change targets
Mozambique's coal boom ends
Another View of Saudi-Russian Nuclear Deal
Company hails breakthrough in Fukushima nuclear clear-up
Kerry in Qatar to assure Gulf allies over Iran nuclear deal
North Africa sees surge in large-scale wind power projects
China Getting Serious About Solar Energy
Wind energy in Peru: Wind farm plants to be built in Northern Peru
World's first "aqueous solar flow battery" outperforms traditional lithium-iodine batteries
Gasoline prices drop a dime per gallon
US ethanol production rate dips to below 15 billion gallon/year threshold

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