Thursday, July 16, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Jul 16

Jul 16 The Rosen Market Timing Letter: Update  Ron Rosen 321gold   
Jul 16 Silver Pretty, Silver Ugly  DI   
Jul 16 Iranian Sanctions was bad for Business  BATR   
Jul 16 The Humilation and Subjugation of Greece...  CliveMaund   
Jul 16 The I.M.F. Is Telling Europe the Euro Doesn't Work  NYT   
Jul 16 Quantum Energy [web] Adds Strength to Its Advisory Board  Yahoo!   
Jul 16 Lomiko [web] Stake in Graphene 3D Lab Increases While Distribution & Development Deals are Signed...  LMR   
Jul 16 Defiance Silver hits high grades at San Acacio  NM   
Jul 16 China lost the equivalent of 14 Greeces over the last month  MB360   
Jul 16 'Production Versus Plunder' ~ Part 15  TDB   
Jul 16 Pentagon Mulls Expanding Training to Ukraine's Whole Army  AW   
Jul 16 The Silver Series: World's Growing Demand For Silver (Part 3 of 4)  VisualCapitalist   

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