Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Jul 15

Jul 15 Global Investors: You Should Be Paying Attention to this Economic Indicator  Frank Holmes 321gold   
Jul 15 Demagogue Days  Takimag   
Jul 15 Acropolis Now, Again  HSL   
Jul 15 Dan Popescu's exclusive interview with Gerald Celente on Gold  YouTube   
Jul 15 Maintaining the Illusion of Stability Now Requires Ever-Greater Extremes  OfTwoMinds   
Jul 15 California Gold [web] Announces Results of Special Meeting of Shareholders  CGM   
Jul 15 How to Prepare For a Global Financial Crisis With Gold  TSI   
Jul 15 Real Estate – the Peak is Here  AE   
Jul 15 Video shows that Israelis shot Palestinian boy Mohammed Ali-Kosba in the back  Independent   
Jul 15 5 Ways Our Ancestors Used To Get Rid of Headaches  Sorendreier   

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